B2B Software Sales Recruiting – Chicago, IL

The Windy City has never been shy about innovation. In times gone by, our sons and daughters have invented the vacuum cleaner, the zipper and deep dish pizza (you’re welcome). In more modern times, we have either attracted or grown a number of innovative organizations. If your company builds and sells Enterprise SaaS Solutions, we can help you find both the SaaS Sales professionals and software developers that you need.

Roles we regularly fill include Inside Sales and Outside Sales, Pre-Sales Consultants, Solutions Consultants and even Sales Engineers and Solutions Architects. We can even help with post-sales roles such as Account Managers and Account Executives.

No matter the sales role, being able to efficiently able to communicate ideas is what it’s all about.

Our assessment system gives you great insight into a candidate’s communication style. For B2B technical sales roles, you can effectively gauge the balance between a candidate’s sales acumen and technical know-how.

One final point. If you have a distributed sales team over a large geographical area, our video interviewing system allows you to evaluate candidates remotely.

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