The reason why you are reading this page is because you do not have the time to find the right candidate on your own, or perhaps you have tried other agencies and their performance is lackluster. Still, you are hesitant to try a new recruiting firm. At least not without good reason.

Here are a few good reasons to try Recruitment Rocket…

1. We have run the numbers. We are up to 8.7 times more efficient than our competitors.
2. We work with clients to ensure we ask candidates the right questions during the video interview process. There’s no point in evaluating information that you neither want nor need.
3. Our system promotes effective collaboration within your team, no matter where they are. Share the completed interview across your hiring team, regardless of location or time zone.
4. Our candidates demonstrate their communications skills and experience earlier in the recruitment process. You are not hiring employees because they are necessarily excellent resume writers. You are hiring them because they are smart, driven and experienced in their chosen field and can communicate this effectively.
5. Our candidates are demonstrating that they are keen for the job. Rather than having to filter through numerous ‘I’ll just apply and see what happens’ CVs, our candidates have gone out of their way to promote themselves using our system.

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