Looking to formalize the training of your recruitment staff? Don’t leave it to chance. Our one or two-day training programs will have your recruitment staff sourcing and engaging with top talent within two days.

We will send one of our top recruiters to your office or event to instruct your recruiters on cutting edge techniques and platforms.

Sourcing methods include…

  1. How to effectively build talent pipeline. Maximizing your online and offline presence for ongoing results.
  2. How to create, and continuously improve, effective Boolean search strings that produce results. Every time.
  3. How to create alerts – Ethical passive candidate pool building.
  4. Job ads – How to write effective marketing copy to engage top talent.

We will also cover supporting topics such as…

  1. How to interview, and get sign-off from, hiring managers, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  2. How to define your company’s Unique Selling Point to attract top candidates.
  3. How to properly define the hiring process to ensure timely candidate engagement.
  4. Work with tools such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Zoho Recruit, ZipRecruiter, MightyRecruiter and more.
  5. How to evaluate resumes quickly and efficiently.
  6. Interview techniques, and when to use them.
  7. Screening techniques and when to use them.
  8. Much, much more!

Contact us today at ‘info at recruitment rocket dot com’ to start the discussion!