Even though this page is named ‘Verticals’, we actually only have one.

We place software sales people in the USA. That’s it. That’s all we do. We feel that by focusing on a very tight niche, we allow ourselves to get better and better at it each day. And we think we are right.

We also have a very tight focus on the type of customer we are looking for. Sound picky? If you are in sales, I am sure you appreciate the concept of ‘lead qualification’?

We specifically work with companies who build and sell their own software products to other companies (B2B). Your company should be looking at funding rounds in the rear view mirror and be sustaining itself through sales. You will ideally have between 10 and 150 employees. You can physically be based anywhere in the world, but you are looking to hire sales professionals in the US marketplace.

Most importantly, you absolutely MUST view employees as an asset, not an expense.